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K2 series electric hoist
Open the packaging and inspect the product for damage and moisture. The installation position of the electric hoist depends on the work permit and must be installed on a dedicated base and bracket. When used in conjunction with sports cars, it is necessary to ensure that the steel wire rope drum is in a horizontal state and must be firm and reliable. Do not place the machine in damp or acidic environments. The power supply must be connected with a reliable ground wire, leakage circuit breaker, and overload protection device.
Safety operating procedures
When using an electric hoist, please pay attention to safety and follow the following operating procedures:
1. Please read and understand this manual carefully before using the electric hoist.
The installation position of the electric hoist must be selected in a place that meets the needs and is easy to operate. Regularly
Check if the installation of the electric hoist is secure.
2. The lifting capacity of an electric hoist is limited. Please do not overload or use when the weight of the lifted object is unclear (including lifting, embedding, diagonal pulling, diagonal lifting, etc.)! Overloading can damage the electric hoist and steel
Silk rope, increasing unsafe factors during operation. It is recommended to use a pulley when lifting heavy objects
Double rope operation can reduce the load acting on the steel wire rope and other main components by 50%.
3. The rated lifting capacity of the electric hoist corresponds to a standard length of 12 meters of steel wire rope. When increasing the length of the steel wire rope, it is necessary to reduce the lifting weight. For example, when using a single rope of a 100 meter electric hoist, the safe lifting weight is equal to
1000KG ÷ (100 meters ÷ 30 meters) ÷ 1.2=250KG
4. When the electric hoist is working, please do not "pull" the lifted object, otherwise it will increase the load borne by the electric hoist and easily overload the electric hoist and steel wire rope.
5. Keep the working area of the electric hoist clean and tidy. Do not let idle personnel approach, do not let anyone come into contact with the tensioned steel wire rope, and do not allow anyone to stand under the running electric hoist.
6. If the steel wire rope needs to be replaced, its model, specification, and direction must be consistent with the original steel wire rope. And do not change the winding direction of the steel wire rope on the drum.

7. When operating the wire rope, please wear thickened fur gloves and do not let the wire rope slip through your hand, otherwise the damaged part of the wire rope may stab your hand.

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