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Floor cleaning machine
Facade Reclamation Washing Machine Building Reclamation External Wall Cleaning Curtain
Wall Cleaning Robot
Land reclamation washer SERBOT
Product technical parameters
Size: 2000*2000*2500
Weight: 145.00kg
Electrical parameter: 380v/50HZ (the export is adjusted according to foreign 60HZ and voltage).
Cleaning height: 100m when equipped with crane, and BMU (track hoisting) on the roof is the tunnel height.
Adaptive depth of curtain wall: 400-1000mm.
Cleaning efficiency, 350-450m2/hr.

Application scenarios; The building is reclaimed, and the building is delivered for reclamation after completion. The concave-convex distance of the building surface is 400 mm-1000 mm.

Product features:

Working principle; Hydraulic rotary washing and rotary bristles are combined to surface washing and scrub the building.

Control mode: mechanical control

Curtain wall and brick-concrete structure can be used, and the concave-convex structure can be cleaned within 1 meter. When spraying water, the concave-convex structure can be cleaned 40 cm when turning on the rotating brush.

The maximum water consumption is 681 liters/hour, and the maximum power consumption is 3 (17.5 liters/hour).

corollary equipment

pump truck

Power: 7.5-15kw380v/50hz

Size: 1000*1000*700(mm)

Weight: 110kg

Removable crane, (ex-factory standard)

The maximum lifting height is 2m, the cantilever is 1m, and the counterweight is 500kg(25kg for each piece, 20 pieces).

Note: due to the change of the top floor structure and the top enclosure wall, the size of the crane can be adjusted.

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