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Floor cleaning machine

see rbot ii mini floor cleaner

Product technical parameters

Size: 1910mm*1650*1035mm

Weight: 110±20kg

Cleaning rate: 300ml/H

Adaptive depth of curtain wall: 150 mm.

Water tank capacity; 30L

Brush width: 1000mm

Battery capacity: 24v/100AH

Endurance time: 5H

Product functional characteristics

Working principle: water mist humidification, matte brush scrubbing.

Operation mode: mechanical remote control, reducing the danger of artificial aerial work.

Small size and convenient transportation. Two people control, lithium battery life, convenient transportation.

Independent water tank, the maximum water consumption is 60l/h.

External anti-collision wheel enhances balance and protects glass curtain wall.

corollary equipment

Rope lifter

Maximum load: 250kg

Total weight: 15kg

Application scenario:

This product is used for steel structural workshop color steel facade with a height of less than 60 meters.

Elevation of small and medium-sized brick-concrete factory building

Building curtain wall facade

The materials that can be cleaned include glass, aluminum-plastic plate, color steel plate, marble, sunlight plate and other closed materials.

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