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Floor cleaning machine

2023 new curtain wall cleaning robot, suitable for all kinds of glass, stone, metal and other walls.

Robot for clean facade of building external wall

Product technical parameters

Size: 1860*800*1070mm

Weight: 65.00kg

Electrical parameter: 220v/50hz.

Cleaning height: 200m

Adaptive depth of grass wall: 30mm.

Brush height: 900mm

Product cleaning condition

1. Bump obstacle, and the bump distance of the building surface is less than or equal to 30 mm.

2. Plane obstacle, no requirement, any plane cleaning can be carried out.

3. Cleaning height, 200m

4, waste water residue, built-in Heitlin filter, which can recycle waste water and avoid glass sewage residue.

5, wind resistance level, which can run smoothly in the state of wind power of level 7 at the highest.

6. Supporting equipment:

Haitelin portable lifting

Voltage: 220v/50HZ

Total weight: 50.5kg

Volume: 1860*800*780mm

Load: 100kg(100)

Heitlin filter

Working without electricity, tap water magazine filtering

Remarks: charged reverse osmosis membrane pure water filtration device can be selected.

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The company specializes in the research and development and production of high-altitude cleaning machines, high-rise curtain wall cleaning machines and related cleaning robots.
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