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Floor cleaning machine

Solar panel cleaning, photovoltaic cleaning robot, photovoltaic water washing robot, crawler cleaning robot.

Photovoltaic cleaner TK1

Product technical parameters

Size: 840*700*350(mm)

Weight: 17kg

Voltage: 24v

Adaptation angle: 15

Brush length: 600mm

Walking speed: max. 20m/min.

Field temperature: above 5 degrees.

Product features:
This model is an automatic mechanical belt cleaning machine designed to improve the clarity and efficiency of photovoltaic solar panels. This equipment is light, the medium is connected quickly, the work efficiency is high, the remote control is convenient to operate, and the cleaning automation and operation safety are greatly improved.

Product workflow:
1. Install the waterproof joint, pay attention to tighten it, and check that the suction cup waterproof cotton fits correctly.
2. Put the support rod on the photovoltaic panel with a distance of 300mm.
3. Open the sucker by remote control and adjust the position of the equipment to the edge.
4. The water spray row is turned on, and the roller brush is turned on by remote control to start working.

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