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Floor cleaning machine

High-altitude external wall cleaning machine human floor cleaning machine curtain wall cleaning robot cleaning equipment floor cleaning machine

Technical parameters of wet wiping machine

Size: 1860*800*1070(mm)

Weight: 70.00kg

Voltage: 220v

Brush length: 1000mm

Technical parameters of wet wiping machine

Size: 1860*800*780(mm)

Weight: 50.50kg

Voltage: 220v

Brush length: 1000mm

One: product cleaning conditions:

Bump obstacle: 200mm

Plane obstacle: none

Cleaning height: 200m

Wind resistance grade: Grade 6

Two: product features:

Working principle: water mist humidification and roller brush scrubbing.

Operation mode: mechanical remote control to reduce the danger of artificial aerial work.

The two machines work together. After the roller brush scrubs the dust, the dry cleaner further polishes it, with double scrubbing and double guarantee.

Independent water tank, independent motor.

External anti-collision wheel to enhance balance and protect glass curtain wall.

Three: supporting equipment:

1 set of climbing machine:

A set of special flexible ropes for 120m.

Maximum load: 250KG

Rope diameter: 14mm

Maximum crawling height: 300m.

4 sets of fixed suction cups

Single suction cup suction: 100KG

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