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IFBOT ROUND floor cleaning machine

1. Building cleaning analysis

For maintaining the non perforated exterior surface of buildings (not exceeding 100m). Surfaces of smooth glass exterior wall and frames with a depth of less than 1000mm are ideal structural types for cleaning using this equipment. Through designing, this machine can clean the entire exterior surface of buildings, including mullions, glass, seals, aluminum, marble, granite, or any other non porous materials used in the buildings.

2.Introduction of IFBOT ROUND floor cleaning machine and all accessories

· One cleaning machine with climbing device

· Two remote controls

· One transport vehicle of the machine

· One Booster pump truck (specification: 220V 50HZ)

· Five water supply hoses (280bar, 20 meters/piece)

· One set of crane with winch(Equipped with 1 steel cable: 120 meters, with a diameter of 8.3mm, and equipped with a winch when leaving the factory)
· 1 cable reel (cable length 120 meters, specification: 3 * 1.5 square meters)

3. Pictures of IFBOT ROUND floor cleaning machine and accessories


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Product User Manual IFBOT ROUND Floor Scrubber Product User Manual 1921KB 2023/8/25
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