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Photovoltaic cleaning robot
Small size, light weight, easy to carry, and inclined angle
Reduce labor intensity, increasing workers' stability and willingness to work.

One click start rotation, intelligent path planning

Gently press to start the IFBOT intelligent robot. Unique rotary cleaning mode with integrated transmission.
Sensors enable robots to accurately detect array edges, automatically adjust angles, and autonomously calculate the optimal and most effective.
Efficient cleaning route, comprehensive coverage without omission.

Adsorbing misaligned walking, adapting to various slopes
IFBOT robots tightly adhere to the surface of photovoltaic panels through movable suction cups, with staggered distribution.
The auxiliary suction cup can enable it to walk more stably and freely on a smooth slope of 0-50 °, adapting to various types of complex surfaces.
Miscellaneous work environment.

Lightweight and portable, with zero panel burden
Innovative use of aerospace materials, lightweight design of the entire machine, avoiding the body from stepping on the panel during the cleaning process.
Damage. Lightweight structural design reduces the user's handling burden, allowing for quick deployment and simultaneous deployment by one person.
Manage dozens of machines, save cleaning costs, and effectively improve work efficiency.

Night cleaning, low battery automatic return
The IFBOT cleaning robot can safely perform cleaning operations at night and autonomously locate and return at low power.
During the day, it does not affect the power generation of the power station and significantly improves the power generation efficiency of users.
Manage dozens of machines, save cleaning costs, and effectively improve work efficiency.

Battery replaceable and worry free battery life
A single robot is powered by two IFBOT dedicated lithium batteries, which can ensure uninterrupted operation of the entire machine for 2 hours.
The clip style quick disassembly and assembly design easily extends the battery life, and it only takes 1 5 hours.
Manage dozens of machines, save cleaning costs, and effectively improve work efficiency.

Nano materials, better clean without water
A single cleaning unit is equipped with 2 opposing rotating nanofiber roller brushes, which can remove dust adsorbed on the surface.
After the particles are lifted, they gather and are instantly sucked into the dust box by the centrifugal force of a turbocharged centrifugal fan. Same district domain without repetition, clean without water consumption, environmentally friendly and more labor-saving.

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